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Pencils and Dreams has met with the founders of both schools, students from both schools, two board members from the American Friends of the School of St. Jude, and the associate director from Orkeeswa.  We are in constant contact through phone and email with both schools.


We have vetted both schools through online data and contacts who are on-the-ground in Tanzania.  We have had conversations with long-time donors who have given to each school since its beginning.  We constantly read their annual reports and online postings. 


While researching these two schools, we were looking for schools/organizations that:


- Were willing to welcome us as partners with a matching mission and values

- Enrich, not direct, preservation of culture

- Provide sustainable educational resources for long-term community-defined benefit

- Provide transparency throughout the donation process—from fundraising to allocation to impact results.

- Empower and build capacity of young women equally with that of young men.

- Are proven organizations that regularly audit the results of their work, provide verifiable data on specific success measures and that allow visits

- Had an enviable reputation in the community, the country, and among its peer organizations.

How much of my money goes to the school?


100% of the money you donate to Pencils and Dreams goes directly to your school of choice.

Is my donation tax deductible?


100% of your donation is tax deductible. See EIN numbers on the “Donate” Page.


How will you verify how the funds are spent by the school?

Pencils and Dreams sends a monthly letter to each school itemizing all donations by amount, check number or online donation, donor name and address.  Original checks are mailed to the school accounts along with the letter.  Pencils and Dreams keeps a copy of this letter and a copy of all checks. Each school responds with a thank you letter to you and to us validating the amount received. We keep an ongoing data file of all donations made by check or online.  We also conduct quarterly check-ups with the schools to verify the total amount received to date.


We have set up specific scholarship and program accounts at each school.  All funds donated are deposited into these accounts.  The school regularly and specifically communicates how the funds are spent.  For Orkeeswa, we are supporting the pre-Form 1 (Grade 6) class with desks, equipment and individual student scholarships.  Student profiles are available for each scholarship student.  For The School of St. Jude, we are supporting a $5000 e-learning program and individual student scholarships.  Student profiles are also available for each scholarship student. Students will send letters regarding their progress while on scholarship.  The school will send grade reports and photographs.

How do I find out about upcoming Pencils and Dreams events?


Please sign up on this website for our mailing list even if you are already on our current mailing list. You will be notified of all upcoming events until you decide to unsubscribe. You can also check for announcements on our Blog on this website.

What kind of communication will I receive if I donate?


On Facebook, we will share

- the personal profile of our scholarship students

- letters they send to us on their progress

- photographs of their participation in school activities

- progress reports on supported programs


You will receive a thank you letter from the school.  Each school’s annual report is available online.  You can also visit the schools.


You are always welcome to visit our website Blog, Facebook Page, and/or attend our fundraising events for updates on progress toward our fundraising goals.

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