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In our completed projects, we have mainly served children from the Maasai tribe. We have provided schools and school facilities where none existed, provided a place designated for learning, a place to begin.

The Maasai, perhaps the most well-known ethnic group in northern Tanzania and Kenya are nomadic pastoral people whose “wealth” is their children and cattle.

They are often recognized by their colorful shukas of red (for bravery), blue (for water), white (for peace), though other colors and patterns (plaids) are common. Villagers typically live in a manyatta (village) protected by a natural branch “fence.” Within the village is the boma or cattle enclosure. Small huts of mud, straw, and dung within the manyatta house families. The culture is paternalistic and ruled by a council of elders guided by a body of oral law.


Many in-country projects have begun to help the endangered Maasai preserve their traditions and culture while balancing their children’s need for education in the modern world. The Maasai are recognizing that education is vital to their peoples’ survival, cultural preservation, and interaction with changes happening within their own country.


Pencils and Dreams has raised money to contribute to (C) or fully fund (F) the following completed projects through Focus on Tanzanian Communities. These projects mainly serve the Maasai.

Project One: Ayalabe Primary School, Karatu

2 classrooms        

Fully funded ($44,200)  

Completed August 2012   

Desks, blackboards, water tanks.   

Project Two: Soitsambu Secondary School, Loliondo

Girls’ dorm       

Contributed funding ($27,400)    

Completed June 2013   

Beds, Closets, matron’s quarters, water tanks, restroom

Project Three: Orkiu Primary School, Loliondo

2 classrooms 

Fully funded ($48,568)        

Completed April 2015    

Desks, blackboards, water tanks.

Project Four: Orkuyene Teachers’ House, Loliondo


Fully funded ($46,420)  

Completed January 2018

Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, restrooms.

Project Five: Mondorossi Primary School, Loliondo

2 classrooms   

Contributed funding ($1,131) 

In Progress 

Desks, blackboards, water tanks


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Pastor, Corona Community AME Church, supporter since 2011 

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